GEEKERY's Released


Today we present you our narrowly focused product for pop culture fans who show off their passion and devotion, display stuff collections and cosplay, do fan art and so on.

It's already available as a web app ( while mobile apps for iOS and Android are in the close beta-testing (their release is sheduled for December-2019).

YC School's Passed


We finished 10-week online meetups from the world's largest IT accelerator. At the end of each week, other startuppers and community moderators gave us the highest ratings.

Besides, we applied for the YC Winter Batch. We hope that members of the commission will notice our project and invite us to San Francisco for the 3-month acceleration (January-March, 2020).

Open Beta

8/3/2019 is open for yet another wave of the early adopters and ready to offer new engrossing mechanics for pop culture fans. We created a hybrid of a social network and a game where each fan can express their love to favorite fandoms, celebs, and characters as well as to compete with each other and find out whose geek level is highest.

New Horizons


Well, the Startup Grind Global Conference is over but for THEFANDOME everything only begins.

The last day of the Conference we spent presenting our work to all the guests.

Young startuppers got very excited about the site. They were signing up right beside our stand, took shots of the notebook display and were amazed by various features and details.

Some promised to spread the word about us among their friends, some declared they would open a board gamer or worldbuilding cell on THEFANDOME.

Many thanked us for such a great idea being brought to life. Amino users confessed they are eager for our project too.

Besides, we met a few investors and continue negotiations with them.

Of course, this event pushed us over our borders and we came up with many interesting decisions, better understood the American venture market and local business nuances. Guess, now our readiness to work here is stronger and way more solid than before.

Today we will meet with people from Pinterest, the weekend is scheduled for Long Beach Comic Expo!

Can you believe it? Yeah, we too.

Startup Grind. Day I


The first day of the Startup Grind Global Conference passed. We didn't present THEFANDOME today, just hung around and interacted with other guests and participants (founders, representatives, and partners of investment funds).

Guess what we've got? We're on the right way! Today we recognized our solutions in other companies' stories. Successful teams did the very things we are currently doing ourselves. That's encouraging and inspiring.

Try to support us further!

Engaged in Action


Our founder Evgeniy spent last night at Startup Grind Welcome Night and had a few drinks with other entrepreneurs who will present their startup projects alongside us at the Global Conference.

Meanwhile, the other THEFANDOME's founder Eduard went to tell about us and our work at Foreign Startups (Growth Circuit's event). Questions from other participants were interesting and relevant. We got reviews for our pitch deck and the invitation for the next event.

So American adventures are going on and going on well.

If you missed the official launch of our site, please welcome:

Welcomed in SF


The 2nd Annual TechCrunch Winter Party in San Francisco is over. We've been there and have some news.

First of all, this event is a big one. There were a lot of people!

We presented THEFANDOME to the whole SF startup community, as well as to developers, engineers, and fund representatives. We also gathered plenty of useful information about the American market and local venture investment.

In short, everything went well, several business meetings are already scheduled, serious investment is getting closer.

If you haven't tried THEFANDOME yet yourself, do it now:

If your friends haven't tried THEFANDOME yet themselves... you know what to do)



THEFANDOME will be at EMERGE — Tech Conference 2019 (Startup Valley) in Minsk. A great opportunity to scale globally and connect with the right people. Hope to see you there!

To know more:

Canada is Waiting


THEFANDOME is chosen to attend Collision 2019 as an ALPHA startup! Look at these photos to understand how great this opportunity is!

To know more:

California Business Trip


We have awesome news! Founders of THEFANDOME are going to Sunny California to present our project at Startup Grind, be filled with the startup culture of Silicon Valley and meet potential investors in LA and San Francisco.



Do you wanna help to build a house for fans and enthusiastic people worldwide?

THEFANDOME needs a Middle Full Stack Web Developer! We guarantee interesting tasks, awesome team, and an inspiring atmosphere. Like really. No boring stuff, a lot of fun. If you are a pro, let us know!

Become the first in-house developer in THEFANDOME!

Core Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, Git, Vue, Laravel, OOP, OOAD, Jenkins, Gulp, MySQL, CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP.

Fan Groups Admins Say...


It's been a few weeks since we started to interact with admins of various fan groups, communities and forums to create something together for THEFANDOME launch in June. We are happy to see that many people are really interested in our project and excited to work with us:

- Zye: I did look at your page and I believe it's an amazing idea to try to do what you are doing. I believe it can be very successful and be a great start.

- Krystal: I did look at your promo and it looks awesome. I would love to help you guys out and join the bandwagon!

- Tanner: That is what we have been looking for!!!

FB, We Dare You!


THEFANDOME participates in the Open Book Challenge created to find a new BIG THING in the social network area and help it to succeed. Wish us luck!

Muntyan Approved


Just the other day, the meeting of the president of IQDEMY International Vladislav Mirchev, co-founder of THEFANDOME project Eduard Mirchev and producer, screenwriter and animator Pavel Muntyan was held.

Pavel Muntyan is one of the founders of the Toonbox Studio and the author of the idea of Mr. Freeman. He also produced the famous "Masyanya" and "Belka and Strelka", made a part of the Disney movie ("The Last Warrior"), organized and participated in many themed events aimed at popularizing the animation culture.

Pavel carefully got acquainted with the concept of THEFANDOME and highly assessed its potential (especially on the Asian market).

For organizing the meeting with Pavel Muntyan, special thanks to the mentor of the THEFANDOME project, Alexander Lyskovsky.



This week we underwent the intensive course in IIDF in Moscow, got interesting feedback from the accelerator’s experts and got ready for new goals!

2018 in Review


In 2018, our team plans to take THEFANDOME project on a new development level. Here’s what we’re doing to reach this goal:

- We spent several months to do analytical research for business model optimization and marketing strategy correction, and now we dedicated ourselves to preparations of the release version of the product (its launch is scheduled for the summer-2018). - We decided to improve our skills and find new business contacts in IT, therefore took a part in business accelerator A:START in Academgorodok. We also were chosen for the IIDF pre-accelerator in Moscow. - We gained mentor-support from one of the founders of Alawar, Alexander Lyskovsky; got an investment offer from a large Russian venture capital fund and started to conduct negotiations with other funds and business angels. - We involve qualified experts in the international business field from IQDEMY Int. in the work on the project.

There are many things to do in the near and far future, but we’re ready to do anything we can and more to achieve our objectives.

We Rocked Moscow Geeks


Comic Con Russia 2016 is over. Gosh, we exhausted and happy at the same time. It was amazing! Thanks to all who came to our both and supported THEFANDOME! We will never forget these 3 days of true geekery, pure fun, and hard work.